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Mental Health Training for Youth & Adults

A new year is upon us, and we’re inspired by the possibilities of transformation within ourselves and our communities this can bring. As a Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Instructor for Youth and Adults, I have a unique role to play in reshaping the way people approach mental health where they live, work, and connect.

Today, I invite you to join me in taking a moment to reflect on the progress we've made together this year and the work still ahead to ensure that mental health is a priority for all. Together, we’re paving the way for vital conversations to take place about mental health AND giving people the skills to recognize and respond to someone who may be experiencing a mental health challenge.

My team and I at Satori Communications Group (SCG) have spearheaded the charge to normalize the conversation around mental health on college campuses and high schools across NH. Dartmouth College has made this a priority and its mission over the past five years with SCG to teach MHFA to faculty, staff and students at the Geisel School of Medicine and at the Tuck School of Business. This experience has afforded my team and me to learn from a diverse group of people from all over the world who culturally think differently about mental health but agree on one principle: Mental health awareness is a priority in our society today.

Satori Communications Group has also taught resident assistants at NHTI (Community College), Concord, NH municipal employees, Riverbend Community Mental Health staff, Concord High School seniors, and Dover and Portsmouth Careers in Education students, to name a few.

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So this new year, bring a new you and encourage your school, workplace, or faith community to  #BeTheDifference and contact Satori Communications Group at [email protected] or go to www.satoricomgroup.com for more information. We would love to serve you ~ Pamela

Satori Communications Group Offers Mental Health First Aid Training in New Hampshire as Part of the National Initiative to Increase Mental Health Literacy 

Satori Communications Group will be offering Mental Health First Aid training in the Lakes Region and surrounding areas beginning in March 2024. This ground-breaking eight-hour training course gives people the tools to identify when someone might be struggling with a mental health or substance use problem and connect them with appropriate support and resources when necessary. Participants earn a 3-year certification from the National Council of Mental Wellbeing after completing the one-day course.

One in five Americans has a mental illness, but many are reluctant to seek help or might not know where to turn for care. Unlike physical conditions, symptoms of mental health and substance use problems can be difficult to detect. For friends and family members, it can be hard to know when and how to step in. As a result, those in need of mental health services often do not get them until it is too late.

Just as CPR helps even those without clinical training assist an individual having a heart attack, Mental Health First Aid prepares participants to interact with a person experiencing a mental health crisis. Mental Health First Aiders learn a 5-step action plan that guides them through the process of reaching out and offering appropriate support.

“Through this program, we hope to take the fear and hesitation out of starting conversations about mental health and substance use problems,” says Pamela Joyal, President and CEO of Satori Communications Group. Satori Communications Group has been teaching MHFA at Dartmouth College’s Geisel School of Medicine and the Tuck School of Business, Concord, Portsmouth and Exeter Career Trading Schools, Riverbend Community Mental Health, Municipal employees of Concord, wellness centers, and community colleges in NH.

In just ten years, Mental Health First Aid has become a full-blown movement in the United States—more than 1 million people are certified Mental Health First Aiders, and that number is growing every day.

For more information or to participate in the Mental Health First Aid training, visit www.satoricomgroup.com or contact Pamela Joyal at [email protected] or call (603) 410-9504.