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Interactive Learning for Groups

SWiSS coaching provides either group or 1:1 sessions. Throughout the year, SWiSS will be offering various classes and courses, some free of charge, some for a fee. Women practicing all forms of recovery are welcome to join! Courses will be live unless otherwise stated. Courses are developed to empower women to realign their mindsets and redesign their beliefs so they can manifest their true purpose in recovery. Whether it is your relationships, finances, work stress, or uncovering old trauma and negative feelings that are keeping you stuck, our courses will take you to a new level, helping you redefine your purpose!

One-to-one coaching is an ideal program for those people who prefer confidentiality in their recovery process or who would like to work in a more in-depth, private setting to achieve lasting change. This program is flexible and based on the needs of the client.

One on one coaching is on an individual basis. Pamela will first meet with you to determine what goal(s) you are looking to achieve. Then, we, together, work a plan over a 6-12 week period to meet regularly and address issues to help you move through the challenges and feel free of old patterns and behaviors. The cost is set up on an individual basis, based on the duration of our plan and the work needed for success. 

Written agreements are required of 1:1 clients to assure quality, transparency of services, and open communication.